The Australian Canine Sports & Training Centre is a paradise for dogs where we have 5 large play yards with secure 6 ft fencing. Our yards cater for allergies with a large Sir Walter Buffalo Grass yard, a covered chill-out yard, two Kykuyu yards and an Astroturfed yard. As a bonus our 90,000 litre pool is salt water! We also incorporate afternoon adventure runs which involves a eucalyptus forest, which all the boy dogs kindly water for us, two lilly filled lakes and paddocks to run amuck with our skilled carers.

Huge Play Fields, Farm Adventure Runs and plenty of Swimming!

Your dog will get:

  • Swimming time in our salt water pool
  • Huge play sessions with other dogs
  • Play sessions with our professional trainers
  • A healthy stuffed frozen Kong to cool down
  • Farm walks and lake swims
  • Lots of cuddles & TLC
  • Chill out time during midday heat

You will get:

  • Added to a facebook group where updates, photos and videos are posted every trip
  • An exhausted dog who will curl up at your feet when you get home

Optional Extras:

  • Pick up and drop off to your city home
  • Modern Positive reinforcement training to assist with a large manner of problems and training new sport skills at the facility
  • Wash and dry before heading home to wash off all the farm fun smells

Address: 66 Terry Rd, Box Hill 2765 NSW

Enquiries: Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the info/enrollment documents.

Call Dave on 0403 332 264 for enquiries about the facility or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Having problems managing your dog?

Our centre has several qualified behaviour modification trainers who specialise in teaching you how to manage your canine problems such as toilet training, boisterousness, jumping up, barking, uncontrollable on leash behaviour, not coming when called, aggression towards other dogs, unwanted digging and household destruction.

Our Canine Crew can customise a programme for each client, as each family's situation is different, understanding each situation as a standalone case is paramount to gaining an insight into each unique situation and modifying behaviours to the needs of each family.

A private consultation is arranged by appointment to understand the issues and begin addressing them. This involves setting out a programme of redirection training, that is rather than focusing on what you don't want from your dog, we teache you how to teach your dog an array of behaviours to get your dog to do, instead of the unwanted behaviour. 


As single session appointment available $330.00, which includes a pre completed questionaire reveiw and an hour session with our behaviourist to work through the problem behavioursor and devise a training plan to meet your needs. Or purchase a 3 pack pass for $660.00 which includes a single session with our behaviourist and 2 more follow up sessions working through your training plan with you, your dog and one of our trainers.


NB. Our behaviourist is available to train you to train your dog, it is a commitment, it is not an easy way out by any means, so do ensure that you are ready and prepared to put the time in to modifying your issues with in the household, having the personal attention however does make learning the techniques easier as it is one on one.


Request contact by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call directly on 0403 332 264

Farmer Dave and Matilda

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