David Graham known as Farmer Dave,  '2015 Australian Dog 'Trainer of the Year', is also the nations best known Qualified Dog Trainer and Behavioural Expert.

He can be found at Dog Shows around Australia.

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There are 2 levels of Herding that are available at the centre

Herding 101 is a must for all with a working Dog Breed. This is a 6 week foundation course to teach you how to bring out your dogs natural instincts.

After you have completed the 101 course you are welcome to join in on our 'drop in sessions'. Run most Wednesdays and Friday afternoons. Check our Facebook posts to check for any cancellations.

The next level

Herding Level 2

We are pleased to announce a new Intermediate Herding Course.

This course is designed for handlers and their dogs, who have completed the Basic Herding Course 101.

This course is designed to greatly improve the herding dogs skills set and includes the following:

  • Greater control of your dog around livestock when there is more distance between you. EG, Walking in a larger paddock with the dog off lead and sheep nearby.
  • Better stop and side controls when your dog is working stock, especially in larger areas.
  • Letting your dog learn how to work livestock, whilst still being under control. This lets the dog learn how to read livestock, without you commanding his every move.
  • Teaching you dog how to cast properly, without crossing between you and the livestock.
  • How to teach your dog to back sheep in a drenching race.
  • Teaching your dog how to bark and stop barking! when asked to do so.
  • Handler is taught how to read sheep to determine what they might do, which direction they are planning to run in, etc.
  • Welfare and care of your working dog.
  • Safety when tying up your dog on a chain or lead.
  • Driving sheep from the rear, whilst you walk next to the dog.


Let's get one thing straight a Dog is a Dog, it's not a Human in a cute fluffy Coat and it certainly is not a downsized Wolf. Dogs are very very different to both these species and yet there are similarities between dogs, humans and Wolves, but it is paramount to understand a dog is a dog.

Farmer Dave and Matilda

dave and_matilda


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