DockDogs ...If you are new to the funnests sport on four legs the best way to get started is join one of our 2 Newbie Courses running concurrently over 6 weeks, Wednesday 1pm and Saturday 10am.  If your dog can not yet swim, we have classes in the leadup to the course and during the course, please mention this on your form.The courses begin thsecond week of September 2012, Classes are 1 and a half hours and total 6 week course cost for one handler and a dog is $120 (only $20 per class)

Click here to secure your place for Wednesdays Newbies Course

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PetTech Animal First Aid and CPR will be held at ACS&TC from 10am - 5pm Sunday August 5, it is the most comprehensive course in Australia with a fully Qualified USA instructor  Click Here to secure you place for the PetTech First Aid and CPR 

Farmer Dave and Matilda

dave and_matilda


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