The Farmer Dave Dog Centre Centre is Australia's first purpose built Centre for Dog Sports covering Mini-Dog Racing, DockDogs, Sheep Herding, Agility, Pet Dog Manners, Scent Sport, Treibball, TunnelDog, Urban Mushing, Extreme Pulling, K9 Kindy, Free Range Dog DayCare and Problem Dog Behaviour Modification. Set in Sydney's Beautiful Hills District, this paradise for dogs is where every dog has an opportunity to fulfil their innate instincts to run, jump, dig, splash, sniff and herd. The Focus of the Centre is all about fun ...creating that beautiful bond between human and dog through the utilisation of a canines natural instinct by way of sport... in short we give your dog a job.


The Centre was founded by Farmer Dave, a stckman from a 100,000 acre cattle and sheep stations in south west Queensland, who has committed his life to bettering our relationships with dogs through education, bonding though training and having fun always. The Canine Crew who run the Centre now have centuries of combined expirience, each are qualified in their areas of expertise- Adult Education, Dog Behaviour, Dog Training, Dog Sports and Dog Care, we are specialists in ensuring your dog has an incredible expirience be it in training or in DayCare and Lodging.


The Centre is located at 66 Terry Road, Box Hill NSW, car parking for the Centre is located at the end of the drive way down passsed the Vanity Fur Grooming Parlour and Box Hill Lodge Kennels. Entry is from the Carpark, just follow the Red Carpet through the security Gates over the footbridge and follow the signs.


What we have onsite-

  • Sheep Herding Arena, with grassed terraces and shade cover
  • Huge Training Fields 
  • Duck Yards for Herding
  • Large Free Range DayCare Yards with Insulated and Carpeted Multi Level MuttMansions 
  • The Sourthern Hemisphere's only Sanctioned 100,000 Litre Saltwater DockDogs Pool enclosed in a synthetic turfed yard
  • Four Large Field Herding Paddocks
  • Mini-Dog Race Track
  • A large Agility Yard with Sir Walter Buffalo Grass
  • Private Dog Park for Hire daily from 3pm 
  • Canine Weight Pull Arena
  • Reactive Dog Class Zone
  • Scent Sport Arena
  • Tea Room for Catering
  • Free Range Lodging for Short Term and Long Term stays- Concrete and Cage Free- after all freedom and fun is what lodging should be about.

Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility and Sustainabiliy

Our core beiliefs are based on susstainable foundations of biocentricity and the education of our visitors and the community about environmental sustainability and conservation.

  • All water utilised on site is harvested onsite
  • Water is continueally recycled
  • Ponding Bunds have been installed to slow water flow and promote aqautic regeneration
  • All turf has been recycled
  • 98% of buiding Materiels have been recycled
  • Our Scent Detection Wheels, Boxes and Containers are reused donations
  • All paving, carpeting, drainage stone, arena surfaceing and  Astroturfing has been recycled
  • All organic food waste is recycled
  • Lawns are all maintained with the use of biological mowers 
  • Lawns and gardens are all organically  fertilised by our bio-cyclers
  • Our Scent Gardens have all been produced by cutting regeneration by volunteers and  Communal Enterprise Projects
  • Our Pool is Filtered Salt Water without the use of harsh chemicals
  • All suppliers are as local as possible reducing our carbon footprint

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