The fully fenced 100,000 litre pool is available for Full Day and Half Day Hire for community groups, schools, rescue groups and breed associations as wells as individuals for Splash Down Parties. A firstAID certified attendant is required to be present for each booking. Call 0403332264 for more info

The Farmer Dave Dog Centre is home to DockDogs in Australia, Aussie Treibball, Hills Herding and Expert Dog Canine Coaches as well as agility, obedience and rally fields. The Centre also features a 200 seat Arena Doggie Race track

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Upcoming events include Breed Seminars, DockDogs, Herding, Extreme Pulling and Treibball

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The FDDC currently is partnering with organisations with similar aims and objectives to give dogs in our society the best opportunities.

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JUST CALL 0403332264

Australia's Only DockDogs Pool Facility is for Hire

  • Featuring a fully Synthetic Turfed Half Acre Feild,
  • 105,000 Litre Salt Water Pool and 40ft dock.
  • Fully enclosed with 1.8m Chainwire Fencing.
  • Multiple pressurised Rain water and Dam water Taps.
  • Male and Female Toilets.
  • Parking for 50 cars.
  • 9x3m Marquee
  • Fully trained staff in animal wrangling and DockDog Competition and Coaching are availible
Costs for Facility Only Hire: $500 per day or $70 per hour or $35 pre 30 mins after 5pm each day

Farmer Dave and Matilda

dave and_matilda


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